Stationary bike

Working out on a stationary bike can be a great cardio exercise. The real plus, however, is that it’s not a pure cardio exercise, but it is also to some degree a resistance training, as well. The more effort we exert when pedaling the more resistance we experience, which challenges the muscles into growing.

Compared to running, riding a bike requires more muscle activity and effort. It exerts continuous resistance on our legs. It also allows them a wider range of motion, which in turn provides better contraction and extension of the muscles.

The stationary bike is great for the cold winter months when you cannot go out riding your real bike or you just don’t have the time. You can start your day off with easy 20 minutes to get your blood running or you can unwind after a hard day at work watching some tv, but still get some health benefit, instead of passively sitting on the couch.

There’s almost no better exercise for the legs than the bike. The combination of resistance, range of motion and the variable level of intensity is rare, but you can reap the full benefits of it in the comfort of your home, saving money and time.

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